General information on the School Psychological Service
(abbreviated: SPD)

The school psychological service is a free service for children, young people, parents, school professionals and authorities and is financed by the association of school communities in the Pfäffikon ZH district.

We offer assistance in

  • abilities, talents (e.g. intelligence, language, perception, motor skills) and recommendations for individual learning options
  • learning and performance difficulties
  • attention and concentration problems
  • emotional, motivational or social issues
  • personal crises and conflicts
  • behavioral problems
  • developmental issues
  • parenting issues
  • school career decisions
  • Special Education Needs

Our offer includes

  • school psychological assessments
  • school psychological counseling for pupils, parents or legal guardians, teachers, specialists and school authorities
  • assessment of special education needs
    (standardized clarification procedure; Standardisiertes Abklärungsverfahren SAV-ZH)
  • involvement in crisis interventions in schools

Our services can be used by

  • pupils in the public schools of the school communities
  • pupils in private schools by order of the school administration
  • parents or other legal guardians with a pupil in a public school in the school community
  • teachers, school professionals and members of the school authorities
  • other services or institutions working with children and young people

We work independently.

We work as consultants and help our clients to find solutions.

The responsibility for the implementation of solutions lies with our clients.

SPD, 08/28/2022